July 15, 2010

Last fall my sister and her boyfriend moved into their first home, a small townhouse style condo. At the time we had great thoughts of decorating, but time and money prevented us from doing much. Tomorrow morning she boards a flight to Mexico, to spend a week on the beach. And my mum and I have some grand plans of our own.

My sister talks of decorating, but she has never seemed to find the energy to follow through with her ideas. So we are going to sneak in and get it going. We've decided to make over their bedroom while they are away!

My sister would love the room to be a dark grey colour, so that is our jumping off point. She is very feminine and I would love to do a ridiculously girly room for her, but her boyfriend would not really appreciate that I think. While I would love to do grey with great pops of magenta, I think we will stick with a bright turquoise and other touches of blue, to help make the colour scheme more friendly to them both. So I turned to Domino for some inspiration:

I think you will find that the common theme with these images is a very tonal palette of blues and greys. As they are a young vibrant couple, I want to punch up some of the colour saturation and contrast, and make it a bit more playful. I can't wait to get started.


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