May 25, 2010

Michelle Williams has long been one of my style icons. This past week, she showed off her new blonde cropped hairstyle at Cannes, and I instantly started swooning. I love it. I have been wanting to cut my hair off for some time, but haven't found quite the right cut for me. I have a rounder face, with less prominent cheekbones, so it's hard for me to find images of haircuts on people with a similar facial structure as me. But I think these images of Michelle are just perfect. And I have a hair appointment booked for thursday with my hairdresser. Will I take the plunge? Stay tuned...

May 23, 2010

In a few days we are heading off on a roadtrip vacation to tour the pacific northwest, including Seattle and Portland. I'm so excited to get some r 'n r time with my hubby, as we haven't really had a good vacation together for awhile now. We will be staying in hotels in the cities, and then also camping as we explore the beautiful coastline. So it puts a bit of a cramp on the old suitcase, as camping clothes tend to lean toward fleece jackets and jeans, while city time means you can dress up a bit more. So I'm going to spend some of my long weekend picking up some odds and ends that we need for camping, and maybe a few things to round out my wardrobe. And here's where good old J Crew has provided some much needed inspiration:

Printed tops can be dressed down when worn with a casual pair of denim cutoffs.

Throw on a blazer to dress up simple shorts and t-shirt.

A pair of versatile cropped pants can be worn on the beach or out to dinner.

These three looks above show how to mix and match pieces to create different looks. Start with a chambray shirt and clean black shorts. Add a zip up hoodie when exploring the beach. Then change out the shorts for a nice skirt when you head to town for dinner.

May 21, 2010

I love jewellery and accessories, and the bigger the better in my books. Remember this post? But it's better when you can get really interesting pieces for a good price, and there are lots of really cool acrylic and plastic based jewellery that fits the bill perfectly!

May 19, 2010


I know it has been awhile since I last posted, but I have been busy, busy with some personal stuff. First, I want to thank Carol at The Design Pages for linking to me yesterday! My first link-to! Yay.

So I will get back to this space shortly, but just need a bit of time. I am pretty active on twitter, as a post there only takes a few seconds. You can follow me here.

May 2, 2010

Photo from Traditional Home

We have had a very exciting weekend in my neck of the woods, as we watched my husband's sister get married to her sweetie. Lots of fun was had by all, and we had a terrific time reconnecting with our widely spread out family. So needless to say, this event has been preoccupying me for awhile, and now that it is over, I'm planning on moving ahead with some little home improvement and staging projects in anticipation of the sale of our condo later this year, which I will document here.

But in the meantime, here are a few little things that have been inspiring me lately:

The interiors from the film "It's Complicated" are beautiful! You can see a post here from Traditional Home magazine that mainly focuses on Meryl's character's home. But there are some beautiful restaurant, hotels and offices that appear in the film that are equally as stunning, so I recommend you pick up the DVD.

I have really been enjoying Juli & John's posts from Kitka design Toronto, regarding their recent trip to Japan. But this post takes the cake for me. There are some great shots of urban Tokyo, with some beautiful leather products, and an amazing Scandinavian restaurant thrown in to boot!

And Victoria from sfgirlbybay moved into her new place this past week. She has a mini sneak preview here, but I'm really looking forward to following her progress as she personalizes this new space to reflect her design taste. Her last apartment was featured multiple times on the internet and in print media, and I'm really excited to see her tackle something new.