June 21, 2010

In between our times in Seattle and Portland, we spent 3 days camping along the Oregon Coast. If you haven't been, please put it on your list of things to do. It is a stunning place to visit. And as my husband would want me to point out, both The Goonies, and Kindergarten Cop were filmed there. So that should definitely encourage you to go.

See. It's great.

And at the outlook at this trip, I looked at my life list and thought of a couple things I could tackle. Sadly, ziplining didn't fit into our schedule. But something equally good did.

Beer Drinking.

I will preface this by saying that I am not a beer drinker in general. And that's kind of why I chose beer for the life list. To try and see if there are any out there that I did like.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for this story, we were tackled by a storm one night. Not wanting to waste the night away shut up in our tiny tent, we drove up to Newport to find a place where we could spend a few hours. And we came upon this little place, Rogue Ales Public House. It has received a lot of awards. We were impressed.

With my list in mind, I ordered a sampler, so I could taste as many of the beers as possible.
We have here (from left to right): St Rogue Red, Dead Guy Ale, Shakespeare Stout, and the Chipotle Ale. The Chipotle was the best from that batch.

Here I am drinking the Shakespeare Stout. It tasted a lot like espresso to me.

Here's the other great thing. When you sit down, they give you a taster beer of their special, so I also tried the Double Dead Guy. And I tried my husband's beer, which was the Golden Belgium Strong. So that's 6 microbrews down!

FYI, I also had a pint of the pear cider, which was sooo good. If you can ever get your hands on a bottle of it, buy a case.

All done.


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