June 15, 2010

One of the reason's I wanted to go to Seattle, was to pay a visit to the Experience Music Project.

photo by EMP

The EMP opened in 2000, in an area known as Seattle Centre, which is a large family entertainment area which is also home to the Space Needle. It was designed by Frank Gehry, whose unique signature style created a great additional to the arts culture of Seattle. The fluidity of the exterior panels, as well as the variety of finishes create a powerful and unique structure that perfectly encapsulate the musical inspiration.

These coppery panels were amazing; each one transitioning from bright magenta to a steely blue as you walked around the structure.

This portion of the museum was my favourite which mixed copper and steel coloured panels. It also seemed to have the most undulations, which I loved.

This isn't the first Gehry structure I've visited. In 2006, we visited Bilbao, Spain to see his Guggenheim there. I think the setting on the river gave the building so many more perspectives to see it from, which was quite magical. We loved walking up and down the banks at sunset to see how the light played off the panels as the light grew darker. All in all, quite a talented man.


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