November 17, 2010

Painting has been a frustrating process to say the least, and has taken us much longer than we anticipated. The previous owners did a fairly good job with their renovation, but the one thing that really fell short was the trim work. There were lots of gaps and uneven joints, so we have spent a lot of time filling and sanding everything to make it look really smooth and clean.

All the ceilings and trim have been given a bright fresh coat of white paint. We used Benjamin Moore Ultra White CC-10. It's the brightest white in their palette, and it's amazing how much fresher everything feels now. The old ochre ceilings were so oppressive. The white has really lifted the space. Also, painting the top moulding to match the rest of the trim has given the rooms an extra touch of polish.

The living room has been painted in the ever popular Chelsea Gray HC-168, also by Benjamin Moore. I love colours like this that transform in the daylight.

Even the ugly fireplace looks better. Or not.

Then we come to the office. I was completely wooed by all the black painted rooms that have been touring the web recently. I couldn't resist having a black room of my own.

This is a very unstyled shot, but totally realistic with how we are living these days with minimal furniture. The step stool does the job, but it sure hurts your bum after awhile. Anyway, the black is stunning! Everyone who come into the room is shocked by how bright it still is. And nobody really believes it's black. But it is, Black 2132-10 by Benjamin Moore.

Oh, there's a door we haven't gotten around to painting yet... bother.

So that's where we are at today. Hopefully after the weekend there will be more to show and tell!


Darrell Morrison said...

Wow now thats some bold colour... Ive used Black once in a clients house on the walls to frame up a massive world map great work your on the move.

Nyla said...

You may be inspiring me to change up my white walls. I mean I love white, but those black walls are looking fabulous! I can't wait to see what you do with the space Sarah!

CK said...

Love it all!

Adele {modernemotive} said...

Love the color (the gray one). Painted my place in something similar late summer and I love it. Makes the place feel so much warmer when I expected the opposite for a darker gray (previously had light gray).

Digging the black office too. Just decided to go black/white in my office with some wood to warm it up. Can't wait. Not sure if I'll paint anything black though but we'll see. Like you, I've been so wooed by all the black/white rooms lately.

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