November 11, 2010

I've been wanting to share this second Vavcouver shop since my last post, but got thoroughly delayed due to a week without the internet at home, followed by a killer stomach bug this past Monday. Oh well, better late than never, and this is too good a place not to share with everyone.

My last day in Vancouver, Jacqueline and I arose early for a stop at The Cross, and then made our way over to an antique shop, called A Bakers Dozen.

A Bakers Dozen is one of those shops you could spend hours in. The shop is filled to the brim with a really incredible collection of great finds. We gasped as we walked in and saw just what we had found.

I'm not a big antiques store shopper, as so many have turned me off with their odd collections of junk, and the messy way that things can tend to accumulate. But this place was just the opposite. Everything had been organized and arranged in cabinets of collections, like the trophy case above. And there was no junk. Nothing was damaged, or in disrepair. Anything that was in the store was carefully selected to be there.

The shop was divided into two main rooms that housed the majority of the collection, but there was a dedicated ephemera room, for old papergoods, and a huge antique toy room that was fabulous.

But the best part was a special locked room at the back. They wouldn't let us take photos inside due to the proprietary nature of the objects, but the picture above gives you a small sampling. With some of the odd objects, broken things, etc the shop would put together these amazing arrangements. Some were taxidermy that they accessorized to further animate the animal, but others were 3-D collages or sculptures of found objects. They were so extraordinary. They had a collection of frames that each had a whimsical doll display. There was a strange little sculpture with a pair of old dentures. I remember an odd standing cat, and some little birds too. My description just cannot justify how incredible that room was. You must check it out if you can.

Next time you are in Vancouver, please head over to:
A Bakers Dozen Antiques
3520 Main Street
Vancouver, BC V5V 3N3


Layerstoo said...

Glad you two had a chance to check out Bakers...we live just down the street so it is a regular stop for us when we stroll along main street...always something new (or should I say "old") to look at.

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