October 29, 2010

We managed to squeeze in a little bit of shopping time in Vancouver. Originally, we were just planning to hit up the usual suspects, but Jacqueline thought it might be fun to find some salvage and antique shops. Our first stop was Antique Market on Franklin Street.

What an incredible find. The warehouse looks quite unassuming from the outside, and you squeeze through a boldy coloured antique door to get in. But once inside there are thousands of incredible pieces to be found.

There were lots of asian furniture pieces, various antique pieces, and a great collection of industrial furniture. I have seen pieces like above for sale at specialty shops in Calgary for thousands of dollars. These were a fraction of the price.

Some shots from inside the architectural salvage area. Jacqueline insisted I find a place to use these pig heads.

The lighting selection was fantastic. Even more important is that many of these were reproductions, meaning they all had current certifications, and would be easy for designers to have installed.

If you are in Vancouver it is definitely worth checking out!

Antique Market
1324 Franklin Street

(please excuse the blurry cell phone shots, it's all I had at that point)


Heather Draper said...

No Fair! every time I go to Van that store is closed!!!

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