October 26, 2010

Last winter was a pretty tough one for me. I was bored with my job, felt largely uninspired, and was questioning exactly where I saw myself going in the next few years. I was frustrated with my husband's increasingly demanding work schedule, our tiny condo, and my lack of friends and connections. I was in the doldrums, and something had to change. I had to change.

In an effort to reach out and start making a connection with my community, I joined twitter. I don't really know why I joined, but at the heart of it, I think I just wanted to make a connection. I thought it was lame at first, and I was shy. Why would anyone care what I was doing? Would anyone care what I thought about anything? And low and behold, they were.

I connected with a couple of local designers, and to make a long story short, 8 months after my twitter adventure first began, I have recently returned from a trip to Vancouver with these ladies. We spent a couple of days touring the city and it's design destinations, attending IDSwest, eating some great food, meeting more online friends, and most importantly, having a smashing time together. We had the most incredible connection in real life, it was like being with old friends. And I can't believe it all came from one little website. It has really inspired me to continue to reach out more, and continue to find more kindred spirits.

Until next time ladies! (from left, me, Nyla, LeAnne, & Siobhan)

(Image above stolen without permission from Nyla's blog)

(ed note. bigger posts on our Vancouver adventures are coming this week, but I just wanted to share a bit of sentiment first.)


Michelle from Holley and Gill said...

It's all pretty strange, surreal and fantastic isn't it? Meeting people you tweet with on a regular basis is like meeting up with an old friends you haven't seen in a while.

So happy you found your connections.

Nyla said...

Um...er..Nyla here and if I didn't love you to pieces I'd come after you for stealing that image. LOL! Oh Sarah (don't worry I won't start singing hahaha!) what a great post! We had such a great time...let's do it again in Toronto for IDS11. Really.

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