September 24, 2010

High contrast walls and trim seem to be all over the place lately, and I can't help but be seduced by all the interiors I am seeing with black walls and stark white trim. The most recent incarnation is Victoria's new home, which was featured in the debut issue of Rue Magazine.

People are often so afraid of dark colours, and are reluctant to use them in their homes. I think Victoria's place is a great example of how bright and open a space can look, while having a dramatic wall colour.

So I've been inspired, and I think this is the route I am going to take with our home office.

I guess part of this all came about when I saw one of my favorite lamps hanging in a store yesterday. The Random light by Moooi has been seen in lots of great interiors over the past few years, and I really adore it. And I think it would look smashing in a high contrast space.

We have a dining room table that we got as a floor model clearance 5 years ago. Unfortunately it was too big for our condo, and has been living at my in laws house all this time. But now I'd like to use it as a big desk for the office. The table has a slight Asian styling to it, and is make of solid elm, like the example shown above, which has a really lovely grain to it.

To top off that desk? While an AJ Desk lamp would be perfect. But might be a bit indulgent at this point. I guess we will have to see how we do with the budget in the rest of the space.

I have always wanted a big inspiration tack board to pin up images, and I think a big burlap one would look great. And would be very budget conscious.

I haven't yet mentioned the greatest feature of the room, which is an existing fireplace with an original decorative metal grate. It's fantastic, but currently surrounded with a terra cotta colour glazed tile, and topped with a wimpy mantle. Instead wouldn't a slab of this marble be gorgeous! Again, it's a bit riche for us right now. But a girl can dream right?


Layerstoo said...

ooohhh this is going to be a great space for you to work in, looking forward to the photos!

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