September 19, 2010

One of the most important spaces for the new house is going to be the entryway. I'm keen to get this room finished quickly, as it will create a great sense of arrival and will set the tone for the rest of the house. The space is small, but I want to fill it with lots of personality. I've decided to start off the space by wallpapering it in Wilderness by Ferm Living.

This has been one of my favourite papers from Ferm for a long time, and I am thrilled about using it in the new space. I love how the pattern has natural references, but also feels like a splattered paint effect. Another reason I think it is great, it that it will reference all the big trees and greenery out on the street. Also, it's gold!

While browsing Lonny mag's website this week, I found some great inspiration images for furnishing and accessorizing the entry.

I love this antique dresser. If I could find something like this in Calgary, I think this would be just perfect. The antique mirror is lovely too.

I think that art will be an important feature of the entry, and I love painterly landscapes like in the picture above. Also, that blue wall is amazing. I have that paint colour pegged for another room in the house.

Again, just a nice arrangement of objects. We have a closet in the adjacent room, so we don't need any coat or shoe storage. I think a tray like the one seen above would be a nice catch all for keys and things you empty out of your pockets as you arrive home. I also want to use the space to display a lot of our books, as we don't have many opportunities to in other rooms of the house.

One thing I am still uncertain about is the lighting. The entry has 9' ceilings, so I'm not really sure how much you will actually see the fixture, as it will be directly above your head. I was initially considering a ceiling mount schoolhouse style fixture, but then I thought about the clear glass bell jars from Niche that I posted last week. I don't want the lighting to feel like an afterthought, but it has to be simple so as to not compete with everything else in the space.


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