March 3, 2011

I miss piksi.

For those of you who don't know, piksi was this beautiful girl from Finland who used to post images of her incredible fashion sense on Flickr. She had a stunning collection of clothes, with lots of vintage pieces that she repurposed, and some signature items from local designers.

I first found out about her after reading an issue of Uppercase Magazine. I almost dropped the magazine to stumble to the computer and devour her entire Flickr stream.

This hat inspired so many knitters that someone created a pattern so you can knit the hat yourself.

Sadly, last year she stopped posting to Flickr and removed all her photo's from her stream. Tear! So now her fans are relegated to google imaging (that's totally a verb) to relive her incredible fashion sense through old blogs. On a happy note, she has started a tumbler called Heartbeats, which features the occasional photo of herself.


Nyla said...

So her look. She actually reminds me very much of you Sarah! xo

Layers and Layers said...

So many wonderful and interesting people who take a chance and share their lives with us every single day. I hope that it wasn't something bad that turned her off :(

laura said...

i miss her, too - she was such a great source of inspiration!

Malia said...

Me too, I'm so sad she's not posting anymore even though it's been a few years now

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