March 28, 2011

Interiors with lacquered walls have be fast filling the pages of our favourite magazines this year. After years of high gloss lacquer finishes on furniture and kitchen cabinets, it seems designers have taken it to the next level, enveloping a room in the slick finish.

As the finish is so striking, I think the best applications are partnered with a strong colour choice as well.

Typically, it's also used in maximalist spaces, combining all sorts of finishes, colours, and textures to give the interior a real sensory overload.

As much as I would love to do my dining room in this finish, it is a luxury finish, and does not lend itself to DIY work. Walls have to be hand plastered, possibly waxed, and then painted and sealed with several coats of glossy lacquer. It's the multiple applications that give it so much more depth than a standard gloss paint application.


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