April 22, 2011

I've decided to start doing Friday roundup posts of delightful stuff that has inspired me throughout the week, mainly because I love browsing those kinds of posts on the weekend on other blogs. So with no further adieu:
  • okay, I admit it. I'm excited for this royal wedding do. And one must wear a hat to such an event, so I have been spending time perusing my favourite millinery shop online, ShopBando. Image above from their Bridal Collection, but their Black Label really takes the cake.
  • this turquoise bench by Horgan Becket made from industrial metal mesh is fabulous.
  • I have lost it over this most perfect duvet cover with a black mattress ticking stripe by Matteo. Why, oh why do I have to covet the most expensive things?
  • I was intrigued by the claims that this frosting was the best ever. So much so, that I made it last weekend. It's got a very light texture, like whipped cream, and it's not sickeningly sweet like most frosting. I think it would be best with a really rich chocolate or mocha cake. If you get a chance to make some easter cupcakes this weekend, try this. Let me know what you think.
Happy Friday! Hope you have a great long weekend.


Jacqueline @ The Pink Chandelier said...

Those hats are lovely - and of course an absolute must for a royal wedding! I met a lady last week who is leaving today for the wedding! She got tickets for seats on a balcony complete with champagne breakfast overlooking Buckingham palace. She had a Canadiana hat made for the occasion. I was green with envy! How much fun!

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