April 7, 2011

While we have working on the interior, spring's arrival means that we can start to look at doing a facelift to our home's exterior. I am trying to be proactive and get some project's underway as soon as the ground warms up, so we can enjoy the fruits of our labour this summer.

The exterior of the house really needs the most attention, as it hasn't been touched ever. So I'm keen to get it looking it's best, but it will need a lot of time and money to be done right. It will be an ongoing project for a couple of years for sure.

I don't know if you've ever had a formal introduction. House, Internet. Internet, House. Okay, that conifer is my biggest problem, and I'm going to start there. Not only is it big and ugly, it blocks the view to the house, and from the house. It drips all over the stairs and causes them to get really icy. It blocks any sunlight that we get in the front. And it's over grown roots have destroyed the front walk.

Here's the front walk. It's terrible, and this angle does it justice. It's like a whole extra step at the top and is a huge tripping hazard. So that's my next priority. Rip out that concrete and replace it. Also, those handrails are horrible.

Here's our porch urn, with my festive winter decor. I don't like the urn in particular, but I have no idea what you would put there. Any ideas?

Our front porch is nice and big, and we have our old patio chairs there right now. Eventually, I want to paint the whole damn thing too. The soffits are an absolute mess of peeling paint. But that will definitely not be a project for this summer.

Our offensive front door. My first quote to replace it was $8000. It's an awkward old size, and I don't want a builders grade metal door with a half moon lite, so I'm looking at alternates.

Take a look at this beauty though. Definitely a keeper.

You know I have a sarcastic sense of humour right?

Here's the back view of our house. Like most homes, it's not much to look at. That little niche on the left is where I'm going to have the compost bin.

This is the gap between the house and the garage. This is where I want to build a simple wood deck, right after we have that gross conifer removed too. Again, it blocks any afternoon sun we might get. Do you like the black lattice fence that's falling apart?

This is the northwest corner of the back yard. We will have a bed of plants around the perimeter, and grass where all the snow is. That is another offensive conifer. We think we have to keep it because it does give us a lot of privacy from the condo's back there.

And now here's our sad and scary little garage. It's original to the house, and is a complete wreak. It has no foundation, and is sitting on a wood deck. Totally safe. Plus it hardly fits a vehicle. And there a telephone pole right there that makes maneuvering into it impossible.

Another shot of the poor thing. Demo is going to be fun. Let me know if you are good with a sledgehammer!

Here's a shot of the crumbling dirt foundation. Oy. Vey.

Here's a shot of my first sketch to give you an idea of what we have in store.


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