October 8, 2011

In the last 12 hours I have been exposed to two things that are getting my feminist fire burning again. The first is Jian Gomeshi's interview with icon, Gloria Steinem, who is the subject of a new HBO documentary, entitled Gloria.

During the interview she paraphrased Olof Palme, and this quote really struck a chord for me.

"the gender roles are the deepest cause of violence on earth, because they normalize dominance and submission, subject, object, even violence and control, and so on, and he said, therefore, it was the responsibility of every government to humanize those roles."

The visuals that her words formed for me were really rather frightening. And I'm sure everyone has a wide variety of instances where this quote can apply, and that's scary in itself.

You can hear her full interview on Q with Jian Gomeshi here.
And here's the trailer for the HBO film:

The second is the trailer for the film Miss Representation, which was shared on twitter by David Brunning. Again, equally striking, in particular due to the age of many of the participants and their realizations at 15.


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