October 13, 2011

November 2011 Issue of Fashion

I am having a pretty awesome day today. My friend Dan texted me this morning, telling me that I was featured in this months issue of Fashion magazine. Seriously? It is so crazy. I never would have imagined myself in a fashion publication.

In addition to toting this magazine around to my parents and friends this weekend, I will also be glamorously raking leaves, and doing an airport run to pickup my well travelled husband. Oh, the life of the modern fashionista.
  • These are the most perfect riding boots for fall. Have I posted these before?
  • This fabulous print by The Best Part is two in one. By day it's a lovely friendly scene, but when the lights go out, all sorts of unexpected details pop up.
  • If our weather was a little more tolerable during the winter, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Vespa. And this great new mod helmet would be the perfect accessory.
happy weekend!


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