January 27, 2012

I'm in Toronto this weekend for a design getaway and to visit the Interior Design Show. I love coming out here to see what's new and emerging, and bring some great ideas and products back to Calgary. I wanted to share some of the highlights here for you. So here is a roundup of my 5 favourite things from the show.

Halo Lights from Snob. These fixtures are made by taking a brass rod and forming it around the waist of one of the craftsmen in Africa. The name of that man is then inscribed on the ring, and the fixtures come with a card detailing the story of the creator.

Silk Orchid Rug Collection from Elte. These rugs are made from vintage silk saris. The saris are unwoven and then the fibers used to create yarns that are in turn used to craft these rugs. They are a limited edition series and each one is completely unique.

Felt Light by Antoine Laverdiere. These fixtures are made of felt, power coated steel and brass fittings, and feature 15 frosted bulbs which can be located anywhere within the fixture.

Digital Wallpapers by Mushaboom Design. This current collection was inspired by the Public Gardens in Halifax, and feature a variety of botanical and organic designs. Being digital, they can also custom colour to suit your requirements.

Conscious Design Living products, by Lori Harrison. I loved everything in this booth. That little side table was lovely, made of antique brass, walnut, and travertine, and featured a through drawer, meaning it can pull out in both directions, so you don't have an ugly side to the piece.

I will share more from the show later in the week!


Andrew Metrick from Elte said...

Hi Sarah. I can't remember if we met at IDS or not but my name's Andrew Metrick Elte was founded by my great grandfather. I came across your blog last night when searching for articles about IDS and I just had to leave a comment to thank you for featuring us in your IDS write up. I had such an amazing time meeting everyone that stopped by our booth and I really couldn't have asked for anything more. It was spectacular. Anyway, thanks once again for the feature and I hope to see you at Elte sometime soon. All the best and be sure to check out our Facebook album of the booth on Facebook (www.facebook.com/elte). Take care!

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