January 17, 2012

Well, this is certainly going to be one hell of a before and after.

I wanted to share some shots depicting the current state of our basement. After months of agonizing over what to do, we are finally starting to proceed with the repairs. The basement specialists have been in and left us with a fancy new drainage system. Since our foundation is so old (it seriously looks like packed sand and gravel in places) and will probably allow moisture in forever, this was the best route to go in our opinion. And now we get to start putting it back together.

Here's a shot of the guest bedroom, where the bed is to be situated. The repair work will allow us to fix some of the strange and poorly installed casing details that have bothered me from the beginning.

Here's the lovely south facing bedroom window, which allows ample amounts of nothing into the space. Also note, there is no lighting installed anywhere in the two rooms down here.

Here's the pinky brown media room.

And another shot looking toward the actual media wall. ooooh, ahhhhh. Beyond that is the laundry and crawl space.

And this is the vignette at the bottom of the stairs.

Can get any worse than that right? I'll keep you updated over the next couple of weeks with our progress!


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