June 10, 2011

Friday, Friday! This week has seemed very long, don't know how it felt for you. Here are some faves from this week:
  • Heath Ceramics is one of my favorite suppliers and I have been intending to do a full post dedicated to them for some time. In the meantime, they launched a new collection of house numbers that are just perfect. I hope to see these adorning my home soon!
  • The new edition of Sweet Paul magazine launched today, full of yummy summertime goodness and beautiful photography, as always. One of my favorite online magazines.
  • I discovered Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams earlier this year, and her website had my mouth salivating with all the tasty and unique flavours they offer. She now has a cookbook, showing you how to make their flavours in your own home.
  • I've been reading the blog, forty sixth at grace, for awhile now. Nikole Herriott writes the blog, and while she doesn't post often, the posts are filled with beautiful photographs, and long spare columns of text. Really lovely to look at. Nikole is also behind the fabulous Herriot Grace, which sells handcrafted kitchen goods.


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