June 17, 2011

I've had a pretty crazy week, so I am ready to just relax this weekend. I hope the weather cooperates, and I can lay back in the sun for a bit. And take some time to check out this great stuff!
  • Wurst now open! (little sneak peek photo above) Make a reservation. It was already jammed last night.
  • I first heard about Dieter Rams through mjolk. He was the head of design at Braun for many, many years, and has an amazing portfolio of iconic products. This new book from Phaidon is a comprehensive look at his career and the incredible impact his work has had on the world of design.
  • Do What You Love / Love What You Do prints from coniLAB on etsy.
  • Check out these incredible shoes from Andreia Chaves. They are manufactured out of nylon using a 3D rapid print machine for the external piece with an internal handmade leather shoe. Wow.
  • We've been looking towards our summer travel plans, and The Brief is a great new travel website, outlining the hip, must see stops in great places around the globe.
Happy Weekend!


Chelsea said...

I have such mad love for Dieter Rams. Can't wait to see all of your hard work at Wurst!

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