August 21, 2011

Every so often Ikea launches a product that perfectly combines design with their economical price point and quality. The Lack bookcase was one of those pieces for me.

It's appeal was in it's great proportions, the substantial thickness of the shelves, the clean lines. The structure was the perfect start point for so many great styling opportunities. The large fixed shelves allowed for lots of great display space. And the basic nature of the form was easily manipulated to make the piece uniquely yours.

And I wasn't alone. There are hordes of photos on the internet of this piece in use in all sorts of fashionable interiors. It was a piece that transcended budgets and appeared in all environments.

See? This spring, Ikea announced it was discontinuing the piece. Why? All good things must come to an end I guess, but when a furniture piece is this popular and versatile, you would think Ikea would have thought twice about removing this from their inventory. They could have doubled the price, and it would still have been popular.

RIP Lack Bookcase.


Michelle said...

I noticed that a few weeks ago...why? Such a versatile piece...I laughed out loud when I read your entry title, because I have been thinking the same thing.


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