August 1, 2011

Life List: Eat at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

New York presented all sorts of great opportunities, but unfortunately, there was no sea kayaking, no camels, and I definitely wasn't buying property there. But it had loads of restaurants, 2 of which are owned by Gordon Ramsay. So it was pretty easy to make this my NY Life List item.

The London Hotel is home to both Gordon Ramsay at the London, and Muse by Gordon Ramsey. We decided Muse was more our speed, especially with all the other restaurants we had planned to eat at. You can order a la carte, or have the Chef's menu. We decided to have the Chef's menu and eat the same things, so we could better compare notes.

Prior to our first course we were served a taste of potato and leek veloute, which was fresh and creamy. Then we had bread and butter, which I wasn't very pleased with. The bread had such a thick, tough crust which was really difficult to eat. The butter was fine. I guess I'm a bit of a butter snob though.

First Course: chilled tomato gazpacho, marinated lobster, avocado puree, dried tomato

This soup was a nice summery start to the meal. I love when they pour the soup over the accoutrements at the table, and they did just that. Sometimes I find gazpachos are over seasoned, but this was very nicely balanced with a fresh tomato flavour. I hate when tomato soup tastes like pasta sauce.

Of all the restaurants we went to, this one felt the most designed. The restaurant was designed by David Collins Studio, and was conceptualized to bring together "classic British style with Manhattan vivacity." It had a subtle, sophisticated colour scheme with a crisp geometric ceiling design, and touches of sparkle throughout.

Hand sewn silver buttons on the soft grey-blue shagreen banquettes.

There was a nice level of ambient light throughout, that allowed the space to still feel intimate.

Sparkly chandeliers were hung over the bar. There was a nice variety of materials such as textured glass, lacquer, stone tile, woven wallcovering, chrome, and wood. It kept the space interesting, despite the subtle colour scheme.

A shot of the grid work design on the ceiling.

The worst part of the interior? The lame table decor. Seriously? When was the last time I saw those glass marble things? I think I was 12. They would be better off to do nothing.

Second Course: pastrami spiced baby beetroots, air-dried duck ham, Kendall farms creme fraiche

You can't go wrong with beets in my book. These were perfect.

Third Course: sauteed sea scallops, english peas, crispy bacon, lettuce hearts, sauce paloise

This was the highlight of the meal for me. The scallops were divine. The peas and lettuce with the bacon, delightful. Don't you just love a good fresh pea? And that sauce. So delicious, I can't even describe.

Dave didn't like the sauce. But opposites are supposed to attract right?

Fourth Course: dry aged strip loin, pommes anna, roasted portobello, spiced eggplant

I chose the beef for my main, while Dave had the skate. Honestly, beef is beef to me, especially coming from Alberta and getting to eat great beef all the time. The winner on this plate was the pommes anna. I loved that little stack of thinly sliced potatoes. The loser was the portobello. It was boring.

And this was the vanilla custard with citrus fruits, steel cut oats, and mandarin sorbet. I ate it before I remembered to take the photo.

It was a nice light and refreshing way to end the meal.

The steel cut oats were the curious part. They were served still hard, but I think had been baked to bring out their nuttiness. Curious and unusual, but pretty good.

After some coffees, we wandered around the neighbourhood to take in some night sights. Times Square was incredible, with more people packing it at night than during the day.

I can't get back soon enough.


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