February 26, 2010

Designer Profile: AvroKO

Interior of European Union

Glass Detail at European Union

I first discovered AvroKO when I was doing research for one of my own interior projects. At the bookstore, I discovered their book, Best Ugly, and was instantly enamored.

Bar Detail at Omido

AvroKo is a renowned firm from NYC who strive to achieve total control over the design process. They describe themselves as a design and concept firm, so in addition to doing amazing interiors, they also do all the conceptual and branding work as well, which creates an incredibly cohesive identity for the client.

Interior of RN-74

Interior of Sapa

Their designs are largely inspired by history and culture, and capture vignettes and imagery to reflect this inspiration. Another signature of AvroKO is the incredible character and detail they bring to a space through the use of repurposed goods, vintage pieces, and other scavenged materials.

Interior of Lavo

And as far as design is concerned, they truly do have full control over their process. I find this most relevant in the lighting they use, as many of the pieces appear to be custom designed to the space. They also have amazing metal work featured in the spaces they design, whether it be a ceiling detail, freestanding screen, or furniture piece. It makes me think that they have a hand in the construction side of things too.

Light Detail at Quality Meats

Custom Metal and Glass Shelving at The Monday Room

AvroKO also has a unique way of utilizing ordinary materials in an extraordinary way. You can see below, the bathroom is actually clad in hardwood flooring, but reversed to show the routered underside of the planks. The tile installation features an exaggerated grout joint, taking the lowly subway tile to a heightened level of design.

Washroom at Sapa

Entry Detail at Quality Meats

AvroKO has been featured in many magazines and books and has received many accolades, including a James Beard Award. Their designs have set a high bar for design in NYC, arguably the most saturated design market in the world, and they continue to push the boundaries of their creativity. I have focused mainly on their restaurant interiors here, but to see more of their portfolio, as well as their branding, furniture, and clothing line (!) check out their website.


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