February 2, 2010

You might notice a largish addition to the sidebar. I have finally gotten around to adding my life list to the site, which is actually one of the reasons I was inspired to write a blog in the first place. I feel it helps to keep me accountable to my goals. Anyway, the list was largely inspired by Maggie Mason. Maggie wrote out her list and published it to her blog about 2 years ago. I had been following her exploits prior to that, but the addition of her life list made the reading a whole lot more interesting. A few months ago, Intel decided to sponsor her list, and Maggie was challenged to do 10 things on her list in 3 months. It was really incredible getting to read all about her adventures, and it really inspired me to sit down and write a list of my own.

For years I have had a few ideas of things to do before I die floating around in my head. When I was a teenager I decided that I wanted to see Paul McCartney, James Taylor, and Elton John live in concert before they stopped touring, them being such old guys and all. Haha. But the fact is that I saw James Taylor a 1 1/2 ago, and Paul McCartney in 2009 at Coachella. I don't think I'm that bothered with Elton anymore, to be honest. But I really think that stating things you want to do and achieve, and writing them down makes them that much more likely to occur. A lot of my other thoughts related to traveling, things I wanted to do or see around the world. My biggest thought was to go to Africa the year I turn 30, and climb Kilimanjaro and go on a safari. So we will see how that turns out.

So the list is going to take up residence in the sidebar, constantly reminding me of my goals and wishes for my life. You will see a couple have actually already been completed, and others are slowly underway. And some of the items were totally stolen from other's peoples lists. There are lots of lists and ideas out there to help you get started on your own. I know that mine will continue to grow, although those 75 seem daunting at times. I hope you will enjoy seeing me through the journey.


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