March 29, 2010

Confession: I bite my nails. Badly. Like not just down to the nail bed. They are really weak, obviously, and peel a lot, so not only are they as short as they can go, but the top layers are often peeled away too, which is really painful. But once one is started the rest follow, and I fall into a continuous cycle of biting them down again and again.

I have tried to stop biting them. Someone once told me it takes 21 days to break a habit. I've done that on several occasions to no avail. The only time I successfully stopped for any amount of time was before my wedding. I think I stopped for 2 months. But it's amazing what one will do for their wedding day.

So in my attempts to stop, I've tried a couple of different things.
1. Sally Hansen Nail Biter. This is really just a bitter tasting serum that you paint onto your nails to get you to stop. But I must be really determined to bite my nails because this stuff was not bitter enough, and really just washed off with saliva. So it didn't last very long.
2. Press on Nails. The theory here is that I put on nice nails and get used to not biting them, while giving my natural nails underneath a bit of time to grow undisturbed. Well, when you take the fakes off, the nails underneath are soft. So my logic completely failed here.

Then over the Christmas holidays I saw an article about trying to kick the nail biting habit. And they featured this product:

Folks, this stuff is like the second coming of the Messiah. It is awesome. It's like a very thin nail polish, so gives a nice sheen to the nail, while also having the most awful taste that just lingers in your mouth. Truly disgusting. But does it's job perfectly. I am such a convert. I am almost at the stage when I can paint my nails with actual nail polish, which just helps all the more in deterring the nail biting. I can't wait.

So what nail polish brands would you recommend? And what are some of the hot colours for spring?


Dr. Larry Deutsch said...

Nail biting habit can also cured with with hypnosis treatment. It targets the unconscious element of the habit, helping to end it for good.

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