March 13, 2010

Designer Profile: Tony Chi

Lobby of the Park Hyatt Shanghai

Suite at the Park Hyatt Shanghai

Suite at the Park Hyatt Shanghai

"Tony Chi distinguishes himself from other designers because of his temperament. He is a perfectionist; meticulous, unwavering and possessing an intensity that evokes emotion, never allowing indifference. His design transcends ephemeral curiosity entertained by the surface of things. He understands that design without functionality is hollow and functionality without people who care to utilize it defeats the purpose. In his own words, “any designer can create a dazzling body but I want to create spaces that have a chance at building a soul.” He doesn’t merely deliver aesthetics, he delivers an experience." (from Tony Chi's website)

Immerse Spa at MGM Detroit

Immerse Spa at MGM Detroit

Tony Chi is an international designer based in New York that specializes in high end hospitality design. The firm strives to achieve perfection in their designs, buy creating artfully simple interiors that aim to engage the senses, thusly raising the users consciousness of the environment around them. Tony Chi describes this approach as 'invisible design' and explains that it is based on what touches you rather than what you see.

Mesa at Grand Hyatt Berlin

Installation Detail at Blue Duck Tavern

Blue Duck Tavern

Tony Chi has been in business since 1984, and has received innumerable awards for his work. In 2009 he had the honour of being an inductee into the Interior Design Magazine Hall of Fame. Their interiors are sublime in their simplicity, and truly 'evoke greatness, grandeur and depth with deft placement of a few carefully chosen words.'

Custom Lighting Detail

Andaz 5th Avenue

Old Homestead

Normally I like to write a bit more about the designers I profile, but I find that Tony Chi is someone I can't put into words. Their website and portfolio does a pretty good job on it's own (that's an understatement), so I will simply send you over there to enjoy for yourself.


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