March 3, 2010

So Monday was my birthday, which always causes a sort of "state of life" reflection around here. I think about the last year, the next year of my life, and where I want to be x many years from now. Instead of New Years resolutions, I tend to make birthday resolutions. So I have been thinking about what I want my goals to be for the upcoming year. And I came up with the following:

1. Network: meet more people, make more friends
2. Live Fearlessly: be spontaneous, take risks

And that's all I had come up with so far. I guess I thought that sitting down and actually writing this post could be a catalyst for more ideas.

Then, the infamous Mighty Maggie wrote this post. Verizon is now sponsoring her life list, and she is challenging everyone to complete 3 things this month along with her. So I took a look at my list. And realized that a lot of the items were big and more involved, and it got me thinking about my everyday life, and the small changes I could make. I think that Life List's are a great way to accomplish big things in your life, and that is how they were originally conceived, but what about the small, everyday things that could also make your life that much richer? So, I did some thinking and some research and added the following:

77. Do 5 full pullups

78. Go thrifting at a famous flea market

79. Refinish a piece of furniture

80. Sew a garment and be proud to wear it

81. Expand my Vocabulary
82. Join a bookclub

83. Convert all cleaning products to environmentally friendly ones, and recycle and compost all possible waste.

84. Go sailing on a tall ship

85. Visit Fallingwater

(Okay, those last two are big items again, but I've wanted to add them for awhile.)

So as for Maggie's challenge, I'm thinking about a couple of different things. I think I have to do a bit of research to figure out which ones I can accomplish in the timeline. Either way, I'm gonna be doing a lot of living over the next little while!


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