January 28, 2011

I wanted to get my roundup of my favorite things at the Interior Design Show in Toronto up right away, so that anyone thinking about going down this weekend will know what to check out. So without further adieu...

Booth 2234
beautiful and unique tablewares

Booth 2315
Jane Lockhart's collaboration with Gresham House, a Canadian made upholstery company. Beautiful detail and contemporary style.

Booth 1910
Luxurious African Imports

Booth 1422
Reclaimed lumber and wood is transformed into beautiful new furniture pieces. Great attention to detail.

Booth 1228
This fantastic bookcase design is accessible from both sides, while keeping each view unique and interesting.

Booth 1112
Contemporary area rugs with a bold passion for colour.

Booth 612
A lovely mix of contemporary furniture with a vintage touch.

Booth 327
Reclaimed and repurposed industrial vintage pieces.

Booth 128
I loved seeing the Amy Butler wallpaper collection in person. Vintage inspired designs with Amy's signature flair for colour.

Booth SN-13
Unique handcrafted wood pieces, many utilizing salvaged or refuse materials.

All in all, it was a really inspiring show, and there is much more for me to share. The Sibling Revelry installations are great, and the entire Studio North area is amazing. But I didn't want to give everything away for those hoping to see the show still. If you want to check it out, visit the IDS11 website for all the details.


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