January 3, 2011

This is a project that was recently completed by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design based in Portland, Oregon. I was first introduced to JHID's work by design*sponge, and I have made regular visits back to their website to check out their ever evolving portfolio.

This recent project is the Wildwood restaurant, and JHID was asked to revamp the interior on a tight timeline and budget. I'm a big fan of projects like this, because it illustrates how you can make a really huge impact with a few simple changes.

The first major change was painting everything in a great contemporary warm grey tone. This helps to delineate the space and unify the walls, ceilings, and all the exposed mechanical systems. The continuous surface of colour creates a uninterrupted expanse of space, making the room feel large.
The second big change was the furniture. JHID introduced simple, clean tables and chairs in a neutral wood tone that compliments the grey tones throughout.

Track pendant lights were transformed by utilizing hand made ceramic vases. Each vase is slightly different, with interesting cut-outs and variations in the glazed finish. The designers also commissioned some unique art pieces made by a local craftsman, which tie into the wood finishes that are used throughout, and bring in a touch of the natural.

I think this is a wonderful example of how transformative a bit of paint and some special touches can be.


Jacqueline Corea said...

Love those ceramic pendants!

N said...

What a great post! I love the gray and the simplicity.

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