February 13, 2011

Oh, wow. I totally went off the rails there didn't I? It always happens when I take a trip, work comes back with a vengeance. Oh well. The vengeance is done, and I can get back to my regular schedule.

This weekend we are tackling some of our storage issues. We have an unfinished closet in the office that needs some shelving and will house all the office supplies and the printer. We are going to reuse the existing adjustable rack shelving that is currently in the pantry, because it's ugly and useless in it's current state. So we have ripped the pantry apart, and are redoing that as well. The idea is to make it into a butlers pantry of sorts, with lots of open shelving for storage. Stay tuned...

Another quandary that I am pondering is our delightful fireplace in the office. Here is how it exists today.

It's the only thing that has been left of the original house. The only thing I dislike about it is the horrible colour. And I'd hate to rip out something that reflects the original integrity of the house. So I've decided that a lick of paint to hide the orange is all it needs. Now I just need to decide what colour to paint it.

Here are a couple of images that are tugging me in all directions:

White is my first consideration, but is it a bit safe? This image is a good idea of what a simple white fireplace will look like, against the black walls.

Pow, Whop, Bam! Look at those colours! My mind is reeling. It big risk but big impact.

Care to weight in?


Layers and Layers said...

Definitely NOT white ... NO NO NO .... love the turquoise & would look oh so chic against your black wall (tres chic BTW) another thought was a "grey" ... it's pretty hip to do a tone on tone right now (grey on black) and it could look subdued & unexpected? (just another thought)

sarah said...

Yes, grey is where I am headed now. Hubs saw those bright fireplaces and asked if I was kidding. Oh well.

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