February 26, 2011

Our new sectional sofa for the media room is due to arrive in a couple of weeks, so that room has now been pushed to the top of my list. This room is in the basement, and has no light, which is why I have never shared pictures of it. There is one tiny window, and that's about it.

I do have a pretty clear vision of what I want down there. The basic colour scheme is Chocolate, Cream and Magenta! We have a nice chocolate brown wool carpet down there, and I'm going to use my favourite brown to paint the walls and ceiling as well. Because it's a media room, my hubby want's it dark, so that's what he going to get. Searching for a sectional caused us a lot of grief. We have a 3' wide stairwell to get it down, and then a tight corner to turn, with a really low ceiling. It was very difficult to find one that would fit. In the end we found the Domino Sectional would fit just right, and ordered it in cream. We also ordered a unit from BDI, which are my favorite for media storage as they look great but have tons of features to support your equipment.

We still need to get a coffee table and some accent pieces, but those will come in time. Right now I'm focusing on the art that I'm planning to put in there. One wall is going to be a photo gallery for personal photo's. I'm not big on having lots of photo's of us around the house, but it's nice to have those memento's somewhere. I though the media room would be a good place, as it's also a more personal space. On the other wall I want to have art that reflect's the entertainment part of the room, and I have been searching for art that is inspired by our favorite movies and musicians.

Some great websites to check out for posters like these are:


Sectional Sofa said...

This was a pretty solid buy. Shipping was excellent and the price was right. It's not as comfortable as it looks, but it will break on as we use it. However, I'm afraid that as its used, the cushions will lose form and become lumpy. That's my prediction but only time will tell.

Brown Dixon said...

Love the look and it was easy to put together. I looks great in my apartment and this small sofa really comfortable. Great price!

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