September 16, 2011

As I write this post, it's kind of chilly and overcast, and I am feeling fall and loving it. Fall to me is long walks with the dog through leaf filled parks, layers of cozy cashmere sweaters, nights filled with jazz, and red wine to keep you warm. It's so romantic to me. I don't know why. Are love stories typically set against the flaming colours of fall foliage?

Anyway, these are links to get you settled into the change of seasons, even though I know when most of you read this, it will be like Indian Summer out there. Oh well.
  • Sukan is a fantastic etsy shop that sells pillows that are handmade from old kilims, and suzanis. A great variety of beautiful patterns and colours are available. Perfect for making your home warm and cozy.
  • These are the cutest taupe fingerless gloves, complete with leather button. Great for those chilly fall mornings.
  • I'm on the hunt for great boots this year. I have a really hard time finding anything that fits my legs properly, but these Julia Lace Up Boots from Frye look awesome. Their classic Campus Boots look great too. Oh, or these.
  • And here's a bit of Miles Davis, because he is so fine.


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