September 2, 2011

It's my 5 year wedding anniversary tomorrow. Crazy.

5 years ago my married my high school sweetheart. That last part makes me cringe, to be honest. Everyone gets this saccharine expression when they hear it.

5 years has changed us so much. We are adults now, even though it doesn't seem like it at times. Funny because you should feel like an adult when you actually get married, but now that I look back, I really didn't.

Typically I would use this as an excuse to celebrate and go for an expensive dinner, but I don't seem to need an excuse for that these days. I think we are going to keep it low key, and enjoy some down time together.

Hope you all have pleasant weekend with your loved ones.

  • Anyone who calls themselves the Lipstick Queen must really love lip gloss. I love this range of products and the great graphic design of the packaging to boot.
  • This was our first dance at our wedding, for nostalgia sake. I wish it had a cuter video to accompany it, but oh well.


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