September 14, 2011

Check out these plates!

I want them.

Awesome right? Even more awesome is the fact that they are part of the new K by Keaton collection, by person extraordinaire, Diane Keaton. (swoon!) And those plates above go for less for $5 a piece, because the collection is in association with Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Keaton is well known as an architecture and design enthusiast, and has been involved with architectural preservation through the Los Angeles Conservatory for many years. She describes the collection as having an "American look, which I think comes out of this factory-barn idea".

It's a fantastic collection, even though it is limited to these items and a few plain dishware pieces. Though very simple, the bedding has great detailing, like the asymmetrical zig zag on those pillows and the blanket stitch detailing around the cross accent pillow. It's great to have something designed so well to fill the more affordable part of the market.

Available nationwide at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.


Dan said...

Cool! I want those plates!!! Not that I need them, but I want them! :)

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