May 9, 2011

One thing that I have learned from this online community is that there are people in your network, or just on the periphery that have the same aspirations as you, or the ability to help you get one step closer to your own dreams. My life list has been a bit stagnant lately, and I want to take a chunk out of it over the next couple of months. But we could all use a bit of help now and then. And here's where the Life List Challenge of 2011 was born.

And here's how you can help me.

Take a look at my life list in the sidebar. See anything there that would be on your own list? So lets take the leap together. Let me know what intrigues you, and over the next couple of months we can support each other in achieving our dreams! Email, tweet, text me, or leave a comment and we can knock this list down one item at a time.

And of course, a theme song!


Anonymous said...

I can accompany you with these:

#65 Go to a drag show:
#82 Join a Book Club

Esmé Comfort said...

"3. try 100 micro-brewed beers: 7/100".
To help, I have 2 coupons for $2 off your first beer at The Banff Avenue Brewing Co., Banff Ave., Banff - you and Dave are welcome to them. Went to the Rocky Mountain Food & Wine Festival on Saturday... yum, yum, slurp, slurp. DM me your mailing address I'll send you the coupons.

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