May 30, 2011

I had a super productive weekend, and I'm happy to have gotten lots of little things taken care of around the house this weekend. It's great to have this stuff off my plate, so I can better enjoy all the lovely weather we've been having. Here's a few sneak peeks of what I got up to.

While running errands in Kensington, I stopped into Cushy Life to see if they had the latest Dwell Bedding so I could check the colours against my drapery fabric. They had these great little oil paintings by Calgary artist Frances Marina Vettergreen, and I couldn't resist.

I don't think I mentioned that we bought a vintage poster from a dealer in Maui while we were there. Well, I finally got it back from the framer, and proceeded to hang it in the living room immediately.

I hung the curtains in the bedroom! They look fabulous.

I've had my lovely design prints sitting on the mantel forever, and finally got around to hanging them while I was hanging everything else.

I hosted tea for my mother in law and some friends on Sunday, so I made a quick batch of scones. I'm generally weary of online baking recipes, particularly scones, as I am very picky. But these were perfect.

I got up to a little bit of gardening, and cleaned up the front porch. Margot dug a big hole too.

Most of all, I have enjoyed just sitting in the living room, seeing everything finally coming together. And feeling very satisfied and very much at home.


Chelsea said...

Those oil paintings are beautiful! Are they still available?

sarah said...

Yes, Cushy Life had a bunch of small painting and few larger ones too.

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