July 8, 2011

I guess I'm starting this Friday off on a low note, as one of my life list items is technically unachievable now. This morning, NASA launched the final flight of the Atlantis space shuttle, marking the ending of the space shuttle program. And I wasn't there to watch it. So I guess that puts that item on hiatus for awhile.

Oh well. It's another Friday, and another summery forecast for the weekend! What do you have planned?
  • I started this morning off with an Eton Mess donut from Jelly Modern. It was fabulous. Have you been yet? The Eton Mess was a special flavour for Prince William's visit, but they have many other delicious flavours like the lemon, or maple bacon!

  • I picked up a copy of America's Test Kitchen magazing this week, and I forgot how much I loved Cook's Illustrated in general, and also the ATK show on PBS. Easy, straighforward recipies with great tips and photography. I'm planning to cook my way through that magazine from cover to cover.

  • We have made a couple of restaurant reservations for NYC, and one that I am particularly excited about is ABC Kitchen. At this year's James Beard Awards, ABC won Best New Restaurant for 2011. You can count on a few foodie posts over the next couple weeks.

  • Black Sheep White Light is a Toronto retailer of beautiful and sustainable hides. Originally they sold a variety of sheepskins, and have recently added reindeer hides to their line.

Happy Weekend!


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