July 7, 2011

Some classical favourites:

As with many classical songs, you may know a song to hear it but may not know the song name or composer. I heard Trois Gymnopedies being played on an accordion as we were walking through Paris years ago, but at the time, couldn't recall what it was called. We were newly engaged and I thought that it would be a great song to include in our wedding. I remember I kept repeating about 6 notes from tune over and over in my head so I wouldn't forget which song I was trying to find. Once we were back home in Canada, I spent weeks and weeks on classical music websites, going through archives and catalogues and listening to every song imaginable until I finally found it. And we played it during our ceremony, as we signed the certificates. And I will always remember passing that little cafe in Montmartre and falling in love with that accordion and how authentically French that moment was.


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